What To Notice For When Visiting Cigar Lounges

lacoro   June 8, 2016   Comments Off on What To Notice For When Visiting Cigar Lounges

Cigar lounges are a great place to go for that perfect smoke where you get to hangout with other cigar smokers and like minded people but have you ever noticed what you should look for to know if its a good cigar smoking lounge or not?

There are many ways to know if the cigar lounge is good or not which is why I am compiling a list of all the things that you should take notice of when you goto a cigar lounge.



A good fancy place will have the best ashtray you will ever see. You know that when you see a high quality cigar ashtray you will know it. They will be the classiest and will match the settings of the room and the vibe of the place perfectly.

Remember that you can tell a lot about a person from there shoes same way you can tell a lot about a lounge from there ashtrays.

Check what type of ashtrays they have and whether or not are they regularly cleaned or are stained or note. This will tell you a lot about whether or not the place is regularly maintained or not.

Serving Staff

servingA team of happy serving staff will treat you well, whereas a team of unhappy serving staff will treat you badly.

There can be many reasons for it but the major reason always is how the management is treating them.

You don’t have to do much to notice you can just notice the way they serve the guests and understand from it whether or not they are being treated well or not.


A good lounge will always have a stock of wide variety of choices in drinks and cigars like Plasencia Reserva. Better yet a good place will suggest a good combo so that you can really enjoy the entire experience.

The choices usually confuse a lot of members which is why a good team is always around to help out with there experience and guidance on what should be had with what. This will save you a lot of embarrassment and money.

It will also help you enjoy the place and that’s every establishments goal.